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Goldman nursing services – A list of services

"Goldman Nursing Services" operates nursing and home-care services for thousands of clients through it's branches in the Jerusalem area. The company employs a professional staff that includes social workers, evaluators, nurses, specialists (among others in the fields of geriatrics, treatment of individuals with various disabilities, autism) and trained and experienced Israeli and foreign workers who are equipped to supply an quick provide solutions to a wide variety of  requests in the field of nursing services.

Our services include:


Individual nursing care – Supervision and/or assistance provided by an experienced caregiver in all daily activities including help with bathing, dressing, eating, ambulation, changing of diapers and sheets.

This service is given at the client's home or at a sheltered housing project or as assistance during hospitalization and can be performed during flexible hours, at a set or flexible  extent and while taking into consideration the needs and wishes of the client.


Treatment within the framework of the nursing law – People who have reached retirement age and live at home and require supervision and/or assistance in activities of daily living, are eligible for nursing care through our company, free of charge, under the nursing law.


Foreign workers for nursing care – Employment of foreign nursing care workers as part of the National Insurance Institute's entitlement to hours – 24-hour care – services provided by caregivers, Israeli or foreign, who speak a variety of languages, for nursing care and supervision 24 hours a day.


Supervision at hospitals – Presence of  a caregiver or nurse for supervision purposes during hospitalizations.


Nursing services for tourists and foreign residents – Supervision services, accompaniment and nursing services for tourists and foreign residents who are in the country for limited periods of time. This service is provided through caregivers or nurses  who speak foreign languages, around the clock.


Companions for children with special needs – Recruitment, classification and placement of companions for the assistance and treatment of children with special needs. Our staff have a special expertise in the area of Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD) – in this capacity a multidisciplinary staff who specialize in the area of PDD will help with the recruitment, classification and companion placement processes in order to help autistic children and other children with diagnoses within the autistic spectrum.


Domestic services – Including: Cleaning, laundry, ironing, shopping and cooking.


Social companionship: An escort / caregiver for and Israeli citizen or a tourist who are independent in activities of daily living but whom require company or escort when they are outdoors or while traveling.


Counseling services – Evaluation and evaluation of needs by a social worker, detailing the available therapeutic alternatives and recommendation of the required therapeutic course of action.

Accompaniment and treatment in the process of realizing eligibility for nursing insurance through social security, holocaust survivors funds, insurance companies and health insurance companies.

Accompaniment and aid in the process of receiving a permit to employ a foreign worker.


Social work services – Monitoring and supervision services by a social worker.

This is specifically suitable for desolate elderly people or those who live far from their families.


Unique nursing services – Nursing services that will be supplied according to special demands by the client.


All services are highly available, with full discretion, and with professional supervision and personal attention.


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